Vibrating Sistem ( Operational Guide Asphalt Plant 7 )

2.8 Closed round vibration sifter
Closed round vibration sifter is consisted of the sifter, bracket, spring, screen net, sealed cover, vibration axle, motor, belt, etc.
Main function: Put the different specifications of aggregates that passed the heating, screen the aggregates according to the size of grain in order to go on the accurate measurement and match before mixing.
This kind of vibration sifter adopts the structure of the eccentric axle, a 11kw motor drive, the sifter net is three and a half layers, the size of the mesh is 5~37mm, the vibration frequency is about 890 times /m, the swing is 6-8mm, the disturbing force can be adjusted through regulating the superposition of the eccentric block. In addition, it is also equipped with the amplitude indicator on the sides of device; the amplitude should be about 5-7 mm when it operates normally.
The structural sketch of the closed round vibration sifter shows as follows:

Amplitude indicator shows as follows:

The method of observation: The amplitude indicator is shaking with the vibration sifter, we can measure the amplitude according to the optical effect, if appear the black or white cordiform figures will not show the amplitude value, according to the display of the figure: Pattern is for the gray. If do not appear the black or white cordiform figures, you can get the amplitude value from the indicator: The amplitude is 6mm. Or observe the amplitude indicator while operating, the round of 6mm diameter is tangent with its own outer diameter, can also judge the amplitude is 6mm.
The rotating direction of the vibration sifter motor should see the rotating sign. While rotating to the low end from the upside of the belt, the sieving output is high, but the efficiency is low; on the contrary, the sieving output is low, but the efficiency is high, you can choose according to the debugging situation.
Notes: The amplitude should not be too high so as not to wear and tear the bearings; should add the lubricating oil in time at the same time, recommend adding one time every four hours