Air flow System ( Operation Guide 8 )

Air flow system

The main composing: An air compressor, a compressed air chamber, the air three-element, the control valve, air rubber tube and air cylinder etc.
Main function: Offer the needed power to every air cylinders and offer the needed compressed air to every devices.
The compressed air that the air compressor produces, pass the disposal of the water separator and oil sprayer (air three-element), make the air device get the pure and dry high-pressure gas. The electromagnetic valves control the moving of every air cylinder to finish the opening and closing of every material gate (or three-way valve).
1. Adjust the output pressure of air compressor to max. 0.8MPa during running.
2. The whole air flow system does not allow having phenomenon of leaking gas.
3. Compressed air bag and three-element water separator should drain one time per man shift.
4. Air three-element oil sprayer should be about 10 drips per minute when running and the oil sprayer can't lack the oil in oil sprayer.
5. Air compressor should be put on the clean place of the mixing plant and forbid contacting the dust.

The structural sketch shows as follows:

11 Dust catcher system
Dust catcher system is consisted of the single-cylinder cyclone dust catcher, combine wet type dust catcher, deposition-pool, submersible pump and attachments, air-introduced pipeline, air-introduced machine, etc. (also can select the sack dust catcher according to the needs)
One grade dust-removing (Dry Cyclone) adopts the single-cylinder cyclone dust catcher, can remove the big grain dusts and send them into the hot aggregate elevator for using directly.
Second grade dust-removing adopts the water-fog dust catcher, can remove the small grain dusts and lighten the load of water dust remover (Wet Cyclone).
Third grade dust-removing adopts the water film dust catcher, can absorb the slight dust in the water, reduce the discharge density of the dust effectively, and make it meet the requirement of national environmental protection.
Its function mainly has three points:
1, Increase the pressure difference of the both ends of dry roller, improve the passing capacity of the hot current, and improve the heating and dry effect.
2, reduce the density of discharging, make the density of smoke and dust discharged accord with the national requirements for environment protection.
3, the wind pipes are connected to the vibration sifter, can remove the dust in the vibration sifter effectively, and offer the negative pressure for the aggregate’s delivery, can reduce the leakage phenomena on every sealed position.
The structural sketch is as follows

12 Electric control system
The electric control system is mainly consisted of the container controlling room (selective), high voltage switch board, and low voltage switch board, control cabinet cupboard, etc.
The main functions: Offer the power supply for the equipments; carry on the monitoring for the productive steps. Can realize the automatic, semi-automatic and manual control.