The road of yellow brick is a component within the novel The wondrous Wizard of Oz by L. Frank Baum, with addWARM combine FOAMED ASPHALT TECHNOLOGY

The warm mix black-top innovation alludes to the black-top mix innovation that is used to finish black-top mixing and operation at a coffee temperature through sure specialised measures and carry on its execution at the terribly least hot black-top mix within the in the meantime. The mixing temperature is between hot black-top mix (150℃-180℃) and funky (room temperature) black-top mix, whereas the execution reaches (or near) hot black-top mix. This innovation is acceptable to any or all levels of highway black-top asphalt and building layer, and its wide appliChineseion esteem seems within the zones with high air quality conditions, (for example, burrows). Also, this innovation is to create black-top frothed, grow the quantity and altogether diminish the consistency by together with water, that gets finished covering with the entire at a coffee temperature, during this means taking part in out the mixing and operation at a coffee temperature to decrease contamination emanations. when dissipation of water, black-top recoups to its distinctive physical properties, with the extra water substance being around a pair of of the black-top mass.

01 the primary GENERATION:

The original frothed black-top work autonomously planned by NFLG is used as a vicinity of the frothed black-top premise check, that continues to be being employed at this time. Black-top stream will be acclimated to attain 500g/s.


The second-era business frothed black-top work needs a black-top stream of 100g/s.

03 electrical management SYSTEM:

The perceptive management framework will exactly management water infusion and frothing.

The showcase screen shows the immediate and combined streams of water.

The current creation capability of hot black-top mix is control.

Control framework for heat mix and hot mix will be brazenly modified over.


The water part contains the tank, channel, return transformation engine, pump and high-exactness water stream meter.

Licensed black-top frothed funnels square measure used.

Exceptional water management is used to stay black-top from coming into the hardware.


1. Decrease the mixing temperature while not utilizing pricey additional substance;

2. Use productive frothed black-top innovation thoroughbred through NFLG's practice;

3. Use separate black-top frothed channels to ensure uniform mixing of black-top and water beneath any creation limit;

4. manufacture frothed black-top outside the liquidizer and at the moment infuse the black-top into the liquidizer to uniformly coat with totals;

5. Be introduced on the present mixing plant quickly and effortlessly;

6. provides a full arrangement of drugs so purchasers simply have to be compelled to provide tank and installation pipelines;

7. Utilize the entire black-top channeling framework for warming through warm oil.

8. brazenly modification heat mix and hot mix mode through the management framework.itional such roads showing within the Marvelous Land of Oz and therefore the Patchwork woman of Oz. The 1939 film The Wizard of Oz, supported the novel, gave it the name by that it's higher best-known, the Yellow Brick Road (it is rarely documented by that title within the original novel). within the later film The virtuoso, Dorothy needs to realize the road, because the house wasn't deposited directly before of it; within the novel and therefore the 1939 film, Dorothy's home is placed directly before of the road.