Gasification Technology For Coal Burner

All of the industries want a pollution-free technology and effective cost for operational.
Tools gasification with chemical-physical reactions separating the components of coal that can not burn and turn coal into fuel gas with high efficiency and clean,
so users will have a clean combustion systems with energy supply system is not expensive, so the operational cost in the company will be more saved.
Gasification technology excellences :
a. Replace the expensive fuel oil or electricity with the cheap coal.
Based on the data usage on client gasification that already using this technology, operating costs can be reduced to 3 to 4 times more efficient.
b. Clean environment
Produce a clean coal combustion and can meet the standards of environmental protection without any dust collector or desulfurisasi units, the density of smoke and dust emissions from the kiln and boiler units is less than 80mg/Nm3, the density of sulfur dioxide emissions of less than 800mg/Nm3.
c. Energy saving and consumption reduction
Several types of clients that have been changed by using the gasification gas, can increase its thermal efficiency of about 15-30% when compared with the use of coal combustion in a direct and more efficient electricity consumption, for about 20-40%. For new boiler is not require a large chimney if they usie coal gasification.
d. easy and safe machines.
With the complete Atmospheric Water Jacket on the reactor body makes operation more easy.
Accordance with the follows factory :

- Plant food

- Plant fertilizer

- Printing can

- Drying of wood

- Melting brass

- Etc.