How To Use And Operate ( Operational Guide 11 )

Use and Operation:
5.1 The preparative work before starting up:
Before producing, should ask the technician to check the machine, add the lubricating oil, clear up the sundries, etc., and make the preparation work.
1. Check all equipments and solve the problems in time if have.
2. Prepare the feeder and the transportation vehicles well.
3. All the staff should be at their own position.
4. Check the pre-storing of various raw materials (aggregates, filler, bitumen, etc.) that the production needs, should purchase if being insufficient.
5.2 Operation and regulation of starting the machine:
The order of starting:
Turn on the bitumen circulation pump at first →→→Air-introduced machine of dust remover →→→Air compressor →→→Shut off the discharging gate of mixer →→→Mixer →→→Closed round vibration sifter →→→Hot aggregate elevator →→→Filler elevator →→→Dry roller →→→Coal burning system (not add the coal) →→→Water-spray system of dust remover →→→Gradient belt feeder →→→Small vibration sifter →→→Aggregate feeder →→→Ignition and heating (coal powder) →→→After the flame is stable →→→Put into the aggregates to produce normally.
1. During the course of starting, there should be the intervals of 15-20 seconds between every start in order to reduce the waving of voltage.
2. While using the sack cleaner, should add the aggregates first, then light a fire until the aggregates enter into the inlet of the hot aggregate elevator, then goes on heating. Now pay more attention to preventing the flame temperature from being too high, it is apt to cause the damage of the sack.

5.3 Operation regulating and attentions of the continuous production:
1. For the aggregates in the hopper of feeder, should be a full state and add in time, shouldn’t be less than half a hopper at least, otherwise will appear the uneven phenomenon. The ore powder also should be added in time for preventing the ore powder from being condensed, try hard to avoid the ore powder staying in the temporary storage too long.
2. According to the feeding state of the spewing mouth, adjust the matched proportion of the aggregate feeder so that reach the needed proportion. Namely, should drop down the rotating speed of motor according to the specification of the spewing materials.
3. The operation, regulation and attentions of the burning system:
Start unloaded every parts first before putting into production, shut off the damper of burner, then open the fire-introduced valve to light a fire. At the moment, shouldn’t open the air-blower, the damper of air-introduced machine should be the smallest, open the valve of oil nozzle to fire. Here, the coal is fired in the burning room, preheat the dry roller, shut off the valve of the fire-introduced device after the flame is stable, and stop to supplying the diesel oil for avoiding the ignition’s insufficiency, then start the other unit, begin to add the cold aggregate. When the aggregates in the hot aggregated storage reach a certain quantity, begin to scale the aggregates and go on mixing to producing.
Attentions: For the fuel ignition device, oil amount should be small while lighting a fire, and the damper should be smaller than the damper when it works normally; If one-time ignition fails, should shut off the loop rapidly, and open the damper to blow the storing oil in the hearth and then can go on firing again, especially for the hot stove, because the uninflammable oil fog enter into the hearth (or dry cylinder), it will boil off if meeting the heat, it is very much easy to make the stove burst. So after firing successfully, adjust to the needed oil amount and the wind pressure, when the coal are fired in burning room, the flame is stable, shut off the total valve of the ignition device to stop supplying for the diesel oil, here the coal burner can work normally and can add the cold aggregates.
4. Pay attention to adding the bitumen regularly, and guarantee the bitumen temperature in the tank and the feeding temperature should be between 120 -150℃ (or confirm according to the needs).
5.Check the operating situation at any time, advert the temperature and the wave of current in the meter, unusual strike, noise, whether the lubricating oil is sufficient; Whether the belt and chain run steadily; For the belt and chain, it isn’t permit to deviate from the drive groove, especially the belt of the air compressor.
6. While running, only the operator can enter the monitoring room (operation room). The repairman, keeper should put on the safe helmet when enter into the construction field, shouldn’t wear the loose-bodied clothes, pay attention to the security at any time for guaranteeing the safe operation. Especially, shouldn’t be closed to the running parts, swing parts, drive belt, vibration part, spring position, etc., as well as the idler, bitumen pipeline so as not to cause the brush-burn, scald etc..
7. Pay attention to observing the distance between the vehicles and equipments; forbid taking place the impact accidents.
8. After launder the bitumen pipelines with the diesel oil, should let out the residual diesel oil in the bitumen measuring hopper in time, otherwise it is apt to explode after mixing with the hot bitumen.
5.4 Operation of normal parking and attentions:
The principle of normal parking: Should clear up the storing materials (except for the aggregate feeder, hot aggregate storage) when using up the bitumen in the bitumen measuring tank, and prevent the filler from storing for a long time, can encapsulate separately to prevent the ore powder from being made moist, congeal, consequently influence the transportation.
Should " Clear up " before shutting down, namely use the aggregates of several kinds of specifications reserved, had better no less than three kinds of specifications, the weight is no less than 0.5 tons. In the beginning, use the aggregates of the big specification, then use the aggregate of the small specification, finally use the sand, just like this, can clear up the remaining bitumen in the mixer, the aggregates passed cleaning can still continue to be use, so should send into the corresponding storehouses according to their specifications.
The order of normal parking:
Shut off the bitumen circulation pump first, then overturn for 5 minutes (draw back the bitumen in the pipeline to the bitumen tank) →→→Aggregate feeder →→→ Gradient belt feeder →→→Hot aggregate elevator (Carry out the aggregates in dry roller) →→→Closed round vibration sifter →→→Mixer →→→Burner →→→Ten minutes later, stop dust remover to spray the water →→→Air compressor →→→15 minutes later, stop the air-introduced machine →→→Dry roller →→→(shut down for a long time), let out the remaining bitumen in the measuring tank (The unmarked time interval is about 20-25 seconds).
Open the discharging gate of the mixer, don’t be in the position of shutting off, it is difficult to restart the mixer because of the residual condensed bitumen. So please shut off the discharging gate before the mixer restarts again.
It isn’t need to clear up or maintain when the machine put into production after normal parking 1 hour later, but should discharge the remaining bitumen in the tank so as not to condense