Operarional guide Asphalt Plant ( 2 )

2 Gradient belt feeder:
Working mechanism: Gradient belt feeder is kind of belt conveyor and consisted of the framework, roller, high wear-resisting rubber canvas conveyor belt, the upper and lower idlers, active(passive) roller and driven motor, its largest feeding capacity is 100t/h. Its function is to send the qualified aggregates to dry roller continuously and evenly. The active and passive rollers are all matched with the serviceable bearing. At the same time, they are also matched with the fastening device and the right wheel, and can adjust the elasticity and lean of the conveyor belt, in addition, there is installed the cleaning device outside the conveyor belt in order to remove the small aggregates on the conveyor belt. When the rubbers of the cleaning device are worn and torn seriously, should change in time for preventing the device from splitting the conveyor belt.

Attentions of Installation and debugging:
The ring belt is easy to run deflective, it is mainly caused by the unparallel force, this kind of force may be caused by the active (passive) roller’s unparallel, maybe also caused by the horn shape because of the lean of the ring belt joint, can adjust and correct it through tightening the fastening pole and correcting the gradient position of the supporting idler.

2.2 Aggregate heating system
This system mainly includes: Dry roller, burning system.
Main function: Heat the cold aggregates up a certain temperature that the finished mixture needs.